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you change all the lead

sleeping in my head to gold.

4 May
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23 year old girl; student; loves to read and write; favorite video games are left 4 dead/2 and persona 4; obsessed with zombies and watches a wide range of tv shows - everything from dexter to teen mom to avatar: the last airbender; a big fan of a lot of genres of music - check out my last.fm page.

this journal mostly contains stuff about my day-to-day life, occasionally memes or roleplay stuff, and sometimes music uploads. comment to be added. :)


V5OC. jiro tokaji. 8th place. [[posts]]
V6OC. sayo hironari. 2nd place. [[posts]]
V7OC. miyuki ishida. 1st place. [[posts]]
V9OC. kenji matsuda. 9th place. [[posts]] NPC'd.
V10OC. chie eda. upcoming.

all at br_roleplay_2.

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